The Three R’s of Sustainability

Jun 15, 2021 | Sustainability

The three R’s are a simplistic and effective way of thinking about sustainability on a micro and macro level. You can use this saying every time you are about to buy a product or are wanting to get rid of something!


The best possible way to live more sustainably, and to make your carbon footprint on the planet as small as possible is to simply reduce, reuse and recycle what you consume.






REDUCE: For some people, eliminating single use plastic, going vegan or driving an electric vehicle is simply not possible at this point in their life. However, by reducing the amount of unsustainable things they consume, this is an excellent way to rethink their ‘wants’ vs ‘needs’ in life.


For example: reducing the amount of single use plastic items you buy through purchasing things like nuts and seeds in bulk. Or reducing the amount of brand new furniture you buy from a store like Ikea, and shopping for handmade, recycled furniturel.


REUSE: There are an infinite amount of ways to reuse a product. Tattered, old clothes can be fixed, patched, sowed or even ripped apart and reused as rags around the house. Donating and purchasing from Op shops is also a fantastic way to tick this second ‘R’ of sustainability.


It enormously reduces the need for our society to continuously make new products and stops products from ending up in our landfill.


At Broken Bits Creations, we reuse and repurpose timber to create beautiful pieces for around your house or business, saving this wood from ending up in landfill.


RECYCLE: This is something we covered in our previous blog, so we know you’re already on top of this one. Recycling is the last on the list as it should be your last option, but it is also equally important. By researching what can and cannot be recycled, this can inform you what to reduce buying in your first step. Recycling is a critical component of our waste management systems here in the Illawarra and it’s surprising the amount of items that can’t actually be recycled.


By maintaining this idea of the three R’s whenever you’re purchasing something, this will become an instinctual first step in thinking more sustainably about your choices as a consumer.