A sustainable future

Jun 22, 2020 | Sustainability

Our purpose is to protect our beautiful environment, while saving you money.

When you purchase one of our 100% recycled Illawarra wood products, you’re helping save our precious ecosystem.

We make rustic creations from recycled materials to play our part in reducing Australia’s carbon footprint. Studies have shown that if cutting down trees is not minimised, it will cause devastating long term ecological effects.

Global timber harvesting causes us to lose around 129,499 km2 of forest each year. About 20% of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions are due to deforestation and forest degradation.

Broken Bits source our high quality recycled wood from demolition sites, deceased estates, reclamation yards and suppliers of certified second hand timbers.

Usually, these waste materials go straight to landfills. When we use 100% repurposed timber, it frees up much-needed land space where the products might otherwise just be thrown away and wasted.
By purchasing our recycled products, you encourage manufacturing methods that limit resource use and energy waste. This also reduces factory produced greenhouse gasses. Not only that, your demand for recycled products encourages large manufacturers to participate in an environmentally beneficial manner.

Did you know that one tree:

  • can absorb 14kg of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere every year.
  • can provide enough oxygen for 4 people every day
  • has the same cooling effect as 10 air conditioning units running for 20 hours each

Our sustainability practices also help preserve Australia’s native wildlife.
Many creatures rely on trees to both live in and feed on, such as birds, insects, mammals and marsupials.

By participating in the process of repurposing wood, we help set an ethical standard for the local community and future generations.

All around, recycled products help to maintain a cleaner, healthier planet.