Benefits of Repurposing Wood Waste

Mar 16, 2021 | Sustainability

Benefits of Repurposing Wood Waste

Timber is one of the most recyclable materials the planet has to offer, but due to its limited nature, it is important to understand it’s value and protect it from deforestation.

Here are a list of reasons why purchasing repurposed timber products is a good idea.

Reduce Landfill

The more wood that is recycled, the less ends up in landfill. Not only does the wood get a new purpose, but the damaging contributions to landfill and the harmful effects are reduced. Landfill sites are notoriously destructive to the local environment through air and water pollution.

Reduce cost of materials

It is far cheaper for manufacturers to use recycled materials when producing products. Virgin materials require higher levels of energy to extract and process, whereas with recycled materials, much of this has already been complete. For example, making paper from pulped recycled paper uses 40% less energy than making it from virgin wood fibres, creating large savings in energy spend.

Save Trees

Due to the lengthy manner in which trees grow and reach maturity, replanting schemes are not enough to make up for felled wood. By recycling wood, less trees need to be felled, allowing for more carbon dioxide absorption and replacement trees to grow. Reducing stress on the process of gathering and treating wood can be beneficial to oxygen levels and healthy ecosystems.

Minimise Fire Risks

Wood waste may pose potential danger of causing a fire, even if secured in a safe place. Unforeseen circumstances and unfortunate accidents may occur any time and recycling is a way to prevent such incidents.

Creates New Products

Recycled wood may benefit many other industries. They can be re-purposed to create new products that may be sold to different markets. Below are some of the by-products of recycled wood waste.

  • Panel boards or chipboards extensively used in construction and furniture-making; can be sold in sheet form or customised for specific uses
  • Animal bedding used in farming and agriculture, for horses, cattle and poultry; also suitable for house pets
  • Slides, swing sets and seesaws in parks and recreational areas
  • Composting material with high moisture content can be added with dry, shredded chipboard to improve compost quality
  • Fuel pellets used in boiler systems
  • And yes, even furniture.  

As the planet continues to deal with global warming, consumers should take an active role in helping protect and care for the environment. This is where purchasing recycled wood products can help the planet and your pocket.